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Associated Property Management LLC
5090 Park Avenue West
Seville, OH 44256

  • p. 330.722.3000
  • f.  330.722.3396
  • toll free 866.575.0025

Property Manager: Renee Hambach, CMCA ()

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The Munroe Falls Website is a great source of information about local events and city services.

Please download, complete, and submit the Complaint Form to APM using email or postal mail..

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  • Send a Maintenance Request

Send a Maintenance Request

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Clothes dryers should have their vents and vent pipes inspected and cleaned at least annually. Heavily used dryers may require more frequent cleaning.

dryer vent lintThe accompanying image shows a two-year accumulation of lint removed from a smooth-walled vent pipe connected to a gas dryer in one of our units. The amount of lint removed from this 10-foot length of pipe is substantial.

Ribbed accordion-style flex hoses are even less forgiving, since the ribbed walls catch and accumulate lint deposits even faster than smooth-walled pipe. Common complaints of lint buildup include reduced dryer efficiency (more time needed to dry the clothes). Heat backup in the dryer due to poor venting can also burn out thermal overload fuses in dryers, shutting them down completely.

In some cases, lint accumulations result in house fires.

Whether you do the work yourself, or hire a contractor to clean them for you, dryer vents demand periodic attention to ensure safe, efficient dryer operation.




Message Board

  • Garage Doors Are Your Responsibility

    Many of our garage doors are in bad shape. In fact, lower panels on several units have lost their paint entirely, and are starting to rot. We ask that all unit owners accept responsibility for cleaning and painting their entrance and garage doors, as needed.

  • Guest Parking

    Guest parking is for guests. Please do not use the guest parking spaces for personal vehicles.

  • Children at Play

    We have children playing on our streets. Please drive slowly, put down your cell phone, and watch for kids who may run in front of you.

  • Pets to be Leashed

    All pets must be leashed when outside the condo unit. Dogs and cats. This is both a condo regulation and a city ordinance.

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